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Why Aiki Santé ?

origins of the Aïki Santé© holistic method for well-being

Extract from an interview with Nadine Zenthner, published in PassionSanté

"To cope with the problems of physical and mental stress that we are increasingly subjected to, I was looking for an innovative solution that was perfectly adapted to our way of life.
I found it easily, by picking up here and there everything that seemed right to me.
Basically I am a fan of Eastern culture. For many years, I have had all kinds of experiences and training in this field.
Then I pass on everything I learn.

"I was interested in Tao Yin because of the principles of positive thinking that it develops: for example, what could be better than feeling valued while the world of work is changing in a sickening way?
I borrowed some breathing techniques from Tai Chi: breathing well is fundamental. I also use different yoga postures, which are ideal to make the body more flexible. I am the only one in Belgium who does this.
By the way, Aiki Santé© is a registered trademark.

Holistic Method for well-being exercise

The method

We neglect ourselves. There are very banal gestures that we no longer do, even though they are so beneficial.
For example, yawning. In public, it is not appropriate. So we don't yawn any more. But a good, deep and repeated yawn cleanses and decongests the channels of the face
Massaging the hands also activates the blood circulation. Stretching wakes up the muscles.
What is so complicated about that? Nothing! But you never think about it.
I explain all this during my lessons.

"I also focus on breathing. When you make an effort, you have to exhale.
If I want to lift something heavy, I don't take in air. I am going to push out air and in that way absorb all the energy I need without making a movement that is too violent and that could affect another part of my body, such as my back.
The idea is to create automatisms that are repeated daily."

"I make sure to satisfy as many people as possible. And above all, not to lose anyone along the way.
Except, of course, those who give up because they are no longer in step with my teaching.
Under these circumstances, there is no point in continuing.
You might as well turn to other, more specialised disciplines.

How does Aïki Santé© differ from Tai-Chi or Yoga?

"Look at Tai Chi. It demands such regularity from its practitioners that whoever misses a lesson is completely lost when he or she returns.
That is not the case with me.

Those who are absent for one or more weeks pick up the train again as soon as they return. Without the unpleasant feeling of having been left behind by the others.
This is where another attraction of Health Aiki lies. It is not formatted. My classes are varied.
I help people who complain about their backs as well as those who suffer from anxiety.

"Someone who is anxious and turns to Yoga will not be satisfied.
He will never be able to release his stress. Because this discipline is not suitable for that.
It is soothing. It leads to relaxation.
It affects the deep muscles of the body. It has many benefits.

But it does not have that psychic liberating effect.
When I start an Aiki Health session, I can see nervousness in those present.
There is electricity in the air, as they say.
To teach under such conditions is of course impossible. I ask everyone to crouch down on the tatami and bang their fists while shouting. This lasts one minute.
That is enough. Everyone has released the aggression they had bottled up during the day and we can begin to be at peace with ourselves.
The work we do, whatever it is, will be all the better for it."

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