Bien-être welzijn well-being

Aiki Santé© for your well-being

Develop your physical and mental health by practicing Aiki Santé© or Aikido in Brussels by Marco Zenthner and Nadine Zenthner

Aikisante well-being Brussels
Aikido Brussels

Aikido is a mainly defensive budo (Japanese martial art) founded by Morihei Ueshiba. It was Master Ueshiba's intention to create a martial art that would make it possible to neutralise any kind of opponent without the use of violence.

Aikisante exercise for well-being

Why Aiki Santé ?

In order to control the physical and mental stress problems that we are increasingly subjected to, I was looking for an innovative solution that would be perfectly suited to our way of life. I found it simply by picking up everything I could find here and there.

Aikisante massage in Brussels

Massage, Body and Mind relaxation

Looking for a moment of relaxation? Do you need a sense of well-being or simply relaxation? Discover the beneficial effects of a massage with oil or hot stones. We offer various massage formulas.